What support can I offer  you?

When would you have to see a micronutritionist?


- when you need to reduce a disorder (chronic fatigue, stress, sleep disorders, digestive disorders, food or skin intolerances, inflammation, mood disorders related to an imbalance in certain neurotransmitters...)

- when you need an active support to acquire a diet adapted to a pathology (diabetes, hypertension, cancer, autoimmune diseases...). An appropriate diet will improve the effectiveness of treatments and reduce their side effects


- when you want to lose weight, stabilize it and better manage it over the long term

- when you wish to optimize the nutritional density of your diet and that of your loved ones


- when you wish to enjoy the gustatory and nutritional variety offered by basic foods updated to the current taste by the “healthy diet

In all situations, a nutritional and micronutritional assessment makes it possible to evaluate possible excesses or deficiencies and to rebalance (acid, oxidative stress, microbiota imbalance and leaky gut syndrome, low-grade inflammation...)

The objective is to return to a sustainable balance by integrating good practices of "healthy eating" into daily meals.

In some situations, micronutritional supplements will be prescribed to the patient over a period of a few months, with the same objective.

Certain periods of life (adolescence, pregnancy, pre-menopause, menopause...) or certain situations (sports, competitions, examinations...) require specific intakes of certain nutrients and micronutrients and these can significantly improve the quality of life and performance.

stabilize it and better manage it over the long term

An initial consultation can be used to review potential deficits or excesses in certain essential nutrients and micronutrients. An assessment of lifestyle and eating habits is essential. From this indeep analysis, a profile will emerge and we will work to optimise your way of eating. The basis of our physical and mental health is most often in our plate (optimise the synthesis of neurotransmitters) and in our lifestyle (sleeping, exercising).

This first consultation lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes. A very detailed nutritional and micronutritional questionnaire is sent beforehand to define a micronutritional profile (potential excesses and deficiencies according to dietary habits). During the assessment, a review of family history and biological test results (if available) are taken into account. This is followed by an in-depth study of dietary intakes and lifestyle. A food protocol will be sent adapted to the needs and constraints of each individual.

At the end of the session, a notebook is given to record the meals of the following weeks.

First appointment

I offer a nutritional and micronutritional follow-up adapted to your needs. I will accompany you in the context of metabolic disorders (overweight, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases), fatigue, mood disorders, stress disorders, osteo-articular disorders or simply when you feel like you are in need of a better way of eating and a better lifestyle.

A follow-up consultation is recommended within 3 weeks after the first one. Then, I suggest to come back for a consultation every month or every 2 months depending on your needs.