I offer one-on-one consultations tailored to your unique individual needs.
I'll show you how the right nutrients and micro-nutrients taken at the right time will help you achieve your short-term goals and improve your long-term health.
Appointments can take place at my practice in South London, your office or home, or via Skype.
I also offer workshops and talks, and welcome media opportunities to share my keen expert advise.

Discover your Unique Micro-nutrition Profile
I use a 360º global health assessment to identify the root of your health issues and create your Micro-nutrition Profile.

I’ll design a program custom-tailored to your needs, lifestyle and health goals with practical tools to take back control of your health.
You’ll also receive a Food diary to record your meals of the following weeks.

Recommended within 3 weeks of the first session.

I will monitor your progress, review your food diary and address any challenge you're encountering, providing practical feedback and support.

Additional follow-ups can be scheduled to check on your monthly progress or to address new life events and seasonal requirements. 

My Services

I'm a regular speaker at schools, offices and various nutrition events in London.

I also organise themed workshops addressing a specific topic such as: Detox, Healthy Pregnancy, Happy Menopause, Nutrition for athletes...

Get in touch to schedule a private group workshop and follow @mbonutrition on facebook and instagram for upcoming public events.

Media Inquiries


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Muriel Bouquier Ouziel


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Nutrition & Micro-nutrition Specialist
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