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MBO Nutrition is dedicated in continuing helping our clients during these special times. 

We are available Monday to Friday to answer all your questions and schedule your next appointment.

Please note: All appointments now take place exclusively online via Skype or Zoom.

On a Run

One on One Appointments

Follow-up Consultation (40 min)  £80

Recommended within 3 weeks of the first session.

We'll monitor your progress, review your food diary and address any challenge you're encountering.

What you'll gain:

- a clear understanding of which nutrients and micro-nutrients you need to tackle your specific health issues

- practical feedback

- kind and goal-affirming support

Initial Consultation (75 min)  £ 140

I use a 360º global health assessment to identify the root of your health issues and create your unique Micro-nutrition Profile.

What you'll gain:

- a program custom-tailored to your needs, lifestyle and health goals

- practical tools and guidance to take back control of your health.

- a food diary to record your meals for the following

Additional follow-ups are offered to check on your monthly progress or to address new life events and seasonal requirements. 

Workshops & Talks

I'm a regular speaker at schools, offices and various nutrition events in London.

I also organise themed workshops addressing a specific topic such as: Detox, Healthy Pregnancy, Happy Menopause, Nutrition for athletes...

Get in touch to schedule a private group workshop and follow @mbonutrition on facebook and instagram for upcoming public events.