In my practice, I use a scientific approach to identify any micro-nutrient deficiencies and address under-lying roots of your health issues.


I conduct a 360º global assessment of your health; analysing your medical history, lifestyle and diet habits.

I then draw upon these findings to design your unique Micro-nutrition Profile.


Micro-nutrition looks at the essentials nutrients our body needs to function properly: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, probiotics, amino acids, fatty acids, dietary fibers and more.

Micro-nutrients work at the cellular level: they are are responsible for our immune system and the production of neuro-transmittors, among other functions.

Micro-nutrients must be brought through food and beverages for best efficiency.


Micro-nutrition targets specific deficiencies at the cellular level in order to correct and prevent the dramatic consequences these can have on our metabolism and overall global health.

It promotes a healthy gut, taking care of our microbiota, essential for good absorption of nutrients. 

It increases natural biochemical benefits by knowing not only the right micro-nutrient to take for each particular issue, but also the right time to take it.

That's why good health starts with good nutrition, but effective nutrition is requires a custom-tailored Micro-nutrition program.


Societal changes in both the way food is produced and the way we consume it, are making it more and more difficult to access these vital nutrients:

Food is now largely mass-produced through intensive industrial farming, with an increased use of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics.

And our busy lifestyles makes us reach for quick and easy meals, often lacking of any nutritional value.

These problematic shifts combined with environmental pollution have caused our health capital to become depleted of some key micro-nutrients.

The results are troubling:


Natural biochemical reactions in our body work less efficiently, and disorders can appear, such as: chronic fatigue, digestive and sleep issues, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer...


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