Muriel Bouquier Ouziel


About me


Doctor of Pharmacy then specialized and graduated in nutrition and micronutrition, I offer consultations in my offices in London, at home, at your professional place, and also via Skype. 


A state of good health requires the content of what's on our plate. Eat better by realizing that the nutrients and micronutrients ingested and assimilated have a strong impact on our long-term health. It is therefore a question of prevention but also of improving physical and psychological well-being for everyone, as well as for someone suffering from a pathology of civilisation, such as diabetes, overweight, obesity, hypertension...

What is micronutrition?

Micronutrition is the discipline that looks into micronutrients in food.

Micronutrition focuses on the needs and impact of essentials micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, probiotics, amino acids, fatty acids, dietary fibres...) on our metabolisms and our health. They must be provided by food and beverages, as our body is not able to synthesise them all.





Through a first consultation, we will analyse in depth your food intake to establish the best protocol adapted to your lifestyle and your constraints. 

A follow-up consultation is recommended 3 weeks after the first consultation.

Let's meet
I practice at my office located in South West London. Home and office visits are possible.

I'm also available to give you online coaching through Skype at your own convenience.